Thursday, 30 May 2013

Simple multi-platform build

Over the last couple of weeks I've finally been able to get back into the code that I had developed over two years ago.

One of the first tasks has been to connect the rudimentary SSP Agent code to some kind of cross platform UI toolkit so that I can start building a UI to help test the on-going development. In the end I've picked wxWidgets as it seems to have the basic features I require without making the build process too complex. The other obvious contender was of course Qt which is very tempting, but involves a more complex build process. Later down the line, when I get to the stage of building the UI engine for Semprola itself, then maybe I will need to revisit this decision, but for now wxWidgets is totally adequate.

I have also extended my Eclipse based build setup so that I can compile for Linux (Ubuntu 12) as well as for Win32 and Mac OS X from the same codebase. Just today I have successfully completed a very basic build of the SSPAgent as a static library linked into extremely simple wxWidgets application on all three platforms.

So, now I'm finally ready to start some new development of the actual codebase!